People will always be the core, leading organisations to success in every possible way. Thus, strong systemic approaches and policies must put the workplace at the centre of business strategy so people and organisations can flourish together. With the latest technology coming into space, the value of human capital as an asset has tremendously increased.

At Leaping Frog, we aim to support organisations in their tryst to augment the overall people experience. Whether it is the hiring or onboarding process, making people feel at home with meaningful engagement, creating a space of purpose, or upskilling or reskilling them to make them future-ready, we provide expertise in reshaping the human capital management landscape to align it with the transformation expectations of the workforce.

Overall, our work focuses on enhancing the employee experience, learning and development, change management, leader and manager effectiveness and the future of work. While these are not new concepts, the criticality of these work areas will further surge given the paramount transformations that will transpire in the coming days.

Organisational Mission

Some areas of work that we love to do

We also assist in building the HR function of small & medium organisations from scratch. We work almost like the extended HR function of such organisations

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