Our work in the area of organisation development is based on the premise that organisations are complex systems with internal interactions of resources and interaction with their environment.

An organisation is complex because it involves multiple interconnected parts like people, processes, technology, resources, goals, culture, and environment that interact in dynamic and often unpredictable ways. Managing this complexity of an organisation requires a systemic and strategic approach that considers the interrelationships between the different elements and their impact on the organisation's overall effectiveness.

At Leaping Frog, we provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to organisations to respond to these dynamic interrelationships and change and improve their overall health and effectiveness.

With our diverse experience across industries and business functions, we deeply understand the challenges businesses face today. Whether it's increasing productivity, improving workplace engagement, adapting and managing change, crafting organisational values and culture, or enhancing leadership skills, our team has all the expertise to catalyse interventions.

Drawing our strength and knowledge from the foundational concepts of behavioural science, our organisational change and development work is a systematic approach to improve the overall effectiveness of organisations through planned interventions in their strategy, processes and culture. We facilitate the change and development process and ensure the change is embedded in the organisation.

Some areas of work include but are not limited to organisation design and structure, organisational diagnosis, culture and climate, values, vision and purpose, governance, succession, employee engagement, change management, business process and strategy, building effective teams

We use a variety of tools, including facilitation, group process consultation, coaching, appreciative inquiry, action learning, conversation models, systems and design thinking, keeping people at the centre while working. Our work is focused on aligning the organisation with its strategic objectives, fostering a positive and productive work environment, and enhancing the skills and capabilities of its employees.

3 Pillars of our work

Knowledge of organisations

Understanding organisational dynamics and the various factors that can affect performance can help practitioners to identify the root causes of issues and develop targeted solutions.


We are researchers at heart. We use an active experimentation process, which is used to gather data and evidence to identify problems and evaluate solutions. Continuous iterative work is the key.

Participatory Model

Our work is a collaborative and participatory approach involving stakeholders in the research, design and implementation process, which leads to more buy-in and ownership of the solutions developed

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