We engage in diagnostic conversations with stakeholders to understand the context and needs, whether that of an individual, group of individuals or an organisation. Based on the outcome, along with the key people, we partner with stakeholders to co-create an action plan and intervention.

Talent Management

We ensure that people are active ingredients and doers of the process so the outcome is owned by them and not imposed on them. Action learning is a process that is preferably used.

We act as external facilitators, holding the space and process, providing direction and keeping the project on track.

Leadership Coaching

We spend substantial time in our client system to understand them better. In the process, we support stakeholders and sponsors to clarify the problem statement better.

Life Coaching

We employ empirical and observational methods to gather data for diagnosis. We engage in conversations, observe workplace dynamics and make sense of the data collected.


Based on the outcomes of data analysis, we design and co-create simple yet comprehensive interventions that help navigate clients to reach the desired outcome by keeping people at the centre.

Organisational Change

Interventions are implemented using a participatory working model. People are the drivers of the implementation and change. Active experimentation and multiple iterations form the foundation

Sustenance is the key. Through multiple iterations, events, and change management initiatives, the drivers of the projects ensure that the new ways are institutionalised and embedded in the system.

Some Tools We Use

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